The group fitness specialists and personal trainers at Calibrate Sports Health specialize in: reconditioning, functional fitness, corrective exercise and sports performance. You can be comfortable knowing that our team will provide you with the tools, training, and plan to help you look, feel, move, and perform at a level you never thought was possible, even after what can seem like a major setback.

Our trainers value movement more than anything else in our coaching. We believe that fitness should be both fun and challenging. The staff at Calibrate Sports Health uses traditional methods while always being on the cutting edge of technology and science to customize your fitness program to address your specific needs. Like we said, we never use a one-size-fits-all approach with clients. Though cookie-cutter programs are convenient for coaches, they don’t address the specific needs of our clients.

Chris Nissler, the founder of Calibrate Sports, has built an impressive team of professionals who have made our fitness program the best in the area. We aren’t solely focused on personal training and group fitness, though. We are thrilled to have a number of strength coaches, manual therapists, and movement experts to implement a truly integrated strategy to health and wellness. The result is a one-of-a-kind model and environment in which people of all ages and activity levels are able to thrive. Please don’t hesitate to ask about our personal training and group fitness sessions.

#TeamCalibr8 Coaching Staff

Chris Nissler,


Chris is a reconditioning and athletic development specialist specializing in injury reconditioning and sports performance. His primary focus and expertise is in the area of Reconditioning; a methodology focusing on the assessment, treatment and athletic development of athletes and active individuals with acute and chronic injuries and/or movement deficiencies. Through years of advanced education, certification, and collaboration with top physicians, therapists, coaches, and other movement professionals, Chris is widely regarded as an expert in his field. His patients include top athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, US Olympic Team, & UFC. Whether you’re an elite athlete, high school athlete, or weekend warrior, Chris thrives on working with people who have a passion for their sport and movement.

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Ashley Lona,


Ashley is a certified personal trainer specializing in sports performance, functional training, and weight management. Having trained clients ranging from general population to college athletes, Ashley believes exercise is fundamental to establishing a well-balanced life, and she truly enjoys helping people reach their goals. As a former college basketball player and coach, she is confident an inner athlete lives inside everyone, and it’s her job to motivate clients to unlock their full potential. Ashley strives to ensure that each workout is a challenging learning experience—that her clients know how to properly perform exercises and understand the ensuing benefits.

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