At Calibrate Sports Health, we use a specific and unique process for evaluating an individual’s ability to produce efficient muscle contraction. Inflammation, pain, and instability lead to decreased range of motion and contractile efficiency of the muscles. That’s where Calibrate’s manual muscle techniques come into play. By identifying areas of decreased contractile ability and the application of precise forces we are able to improve the stability and thus the range of motion in your joints. If you’re experiencing pain, or limitations on your performance, we may suggest some work with our Clinical Movement Specialists. This person is trained and certified to perform several force application techniques that can restore function and strengthen weak muscles.

How It Started

Chris Nissler has always had a passion for studying the “cause and effect” of the muscular system and how it relates to pain and range of motion. Through research and much practice, he has developed a program that fills the gap between the medical and exercise fields.

The Ins and Outs of Manual Muscle Techniques

  • A unique method involving the active assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion.
  • A non-invasive technique designed to balance the muscular system of people of all ages
  • A unique, systematic format used to excite the muscles in order for them to function with maximum efficiency

Who Can Benefit From Manual Muscle Techniques

Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or just want to move better and reduce pain, Manual Muscle Techniques can help!

When it comes to looking at and correcting muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of Manual Muscle Techniques implemented by our Clinical Movement Specialists. Keep in mind that flexibility is a derivative of strength. In that regard, muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness. At Calibrate Sports Health, we use only the most innovative and proven techniques. It’s our mission to get to the source of the pain and then put you in a position where getting back on the field becomes a reality.